All loans and donations will be used to improve and grow our mission statement. Your donations will remain anonymous via a unique identification number. I am using my experience and my Business Administration: Finance Degree (NCSU Summa Cum Laude) to create this non-profit organization. Donation expenditures will be recorded in yearly financial statements, publicly available.

Each planetarium we are building with your donations will have adjacent research centers with conference rooms to review and discuss the education programs. These rooms can also be used for religious services if requested. We will raise money through standard donations and charitable loan shares, each valued at $10. So, $10 x 10 million loan shares = $100 million. This amount is for the most advanced professional and college-level planetarium research centers with holographic engineering workstations for every four people. Elementary and high school planetariums can be built for less than $100,000. Elementary schools can also convert a few classrooms into planetariums to save money. You can contribute a $10 loan share or any combination of $10 loan shares, and each will receive one voting voucher. If you are not concerned about loan repayment but would like to contribute to this space-age enlightenment, you can choose a “standard donation.” You will receive one voting voucher for each $10 loan or $10 standard donation.

To raise additional funds, we might have to vote on going public with some aspect of the institution. If that is the case, your private charitable loan shares will be exchanged for equal public stock shares. You should know that public stock shares will grow in value within a competitive market. We will be releasing a non-profit Excel spreadsheet or Access (SQL Server) database with all loan participants (unique identifier), their loan shares, and a sum of bi-annual repayments on those loans. Note: if you wish to stay completely anonymous, we will assign you a unique identification number. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt that shows your donation amount. Make sure you keep your purchase receipt that shows the unique identification number that is assigned to you. The bi-annual percentage loan repayments will be possible via fees charged for educational programs, weekend public education visits to the planetariums, and other fundraising methods. 

We are currently accepting gifts and fundraising contributions to assist in the incorporation process. 

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